2021 Planners

I’ve always been a pen and paper person. Don’t get me wrong, new technology is great and all and I am LOVING my new iPad Air and Procreate with Apple pencil. But there is just something about a new notebook, mechanical pencil, new pen and paper planner that I can’t get out of my Google calendar. I’ve yet to find my perfect paper planner that I can’t live without yet but I have a list of some suggestions that I’ve compiled and are considering to use for this upcoming year!

My challenge and what I want in a planner…

  • Goal setting planning sections
  • Multi-passionate and need to be able to plan for several different areas in my life
  • Daily tasks to meet
  • A lot of note sections
  • Prefer a cute/customized cover if possible

1. Happy Planner

  • Has so many accessories and extension packs to create a planner specific to just what you need
  • Several planner cover design options
  • Offer different size planners
  • Standard planner between $30-$45


2. Ink + Volt

  • More “technical” and less designs available
  • Offers less decorative and more plain colors
  • Goal oriented planners that help you set goals, reach them and reflect
  • Price range around $45


3. Plum Paper Planner

  • Offers a lot of cute personalization options including layouts, covers and more
  • Can personalize texts your layout
  • Pre-made 6 month planners $30/custom planners all vary depending on your selections


4. Ivory Paper Co

  • Love their website and how easy it is to navigate to help you find the best planner
  • Offer really cute covers for their all in one planners
  • Can personalize and put your name or company name on the cover
  • Price range around $45


5. Simplified by Emily Ley

  • Binding like a book which I find it harder to turn through
  • Cute hardcover designs and minimalistic layout
  • Has a “Sunday Prep” checklist that I think is really cool
  • Prices between $50-$65


6. Flourish Planner by Bonnie Christine

  • Only has one planner option but like the layout
  • Has daily top 3 tasks to complete
  • Supports a small business
  • Priced a little higher at $68


7. Best Self Planner

  • If you’re wanting smaller and more simplistic/to the point, this one is for you
  • Only comes in two colors for now
  • A 6 month layout but offers really cool checklists in various catefories
  • Very affordable at $10


8. Dayspring Planners

  • A faith based company that provides several different planner options
  • Many different cute cover designs
  • Reflection sections after each month
  • Approximately $50 per planner


9. Papier Productivity Planner

  • I like the layout of the daily planners
  • Offer several different cover designs to choose from
  • Binding like a book and a smaller size
  • Reasonably priced around $25-$30


There are obviously a lot more out there available, some by small local businesses and other mass produced with more customization options. I know sometimes it’s challenging for people to justify spending a lot of money on a planner. For me, if you’re truly getting use out of it and using it every day, in order to get exactly what you need, I have no problem spending a decent amount on a planner.

As a parent of a medically complex kiddo, I am always looking for better ways to be organized and on track with Kai. Scheduling and attending appointments in several specialist doctors offices… therapies, school activities, lab work walk in appointments, medication adjustments and more! Sometimes I feel like I need a separate planner alone just to keep track of things for him. But I hate to carry around more than one planner. I’m an all inclusive/all in one type girl over here. Maybe in the future, I will find that perfect “complex kiddo mama” and “mompreneur” planner combo. As of now, I haven’t officially decided which one I am going to go with. I will most likely try one of these this year and go from there! My hope is that this small list helps you in the slightest if you’re currently in the hunt for a 2021 planner!

Much love,

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3 thoughts on “2021 Planners

  1. Nice list! I hope you find one that works for you, and curious which one(s) you try! I don’t have any big complexities in my life to keep track of (knock on wood), but I still always feel like I could be more organized 😝 I seriously don’t know how you do it all!!

    Btw, did you know the Ivory Paper Co. one is made locally in Columbus? Could add that as a bullet point, if a lot of your readers are local too and might care about that sort of thing 😊

    Also, Happy New Year! Here’s hoping 2021 is a good one!


  2. Thanks for doing this research! I agree I love a good paper planner ❤ and I need a 2021 planner!! Found one I love from an artist on Etsy but the price is a little high… $50. Now that I read your post, it seems comparable.


  3. Thanks for doing the research!! I agree I love a good paper planner ❤ and I need a 2021 planner! I found one I love from an artist on Etsy but I thought the price was a little high.. $50. After reading your post, it seems comparable.. and I love that I’d be supporting a small business. Maybe I’ll add to cart afterall..


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